My Story of Partnering with Churches


When my wife and I joined staff with the campus ministry of Cru, the rest of our team felt like we dropped in from nowhere. We hadn’t been involved in college and had only even heard of the ministry vaguely.

Focus (College and Career group) Independence Day Party

God had already been working in our hearts to reach college students. We served as directors of a young adult ministry out of our church. When I discovered Cru, I envisioned stepping out from one congregation in order to unite all the evangelical churches in my area to minister to more young people than any of them could do separately.

Life has been a rollercoaster since then, and God has used us in the lives of hundreds of students across my state, but my vision for a Church united didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. I praise God that our leadership is seeking to change the culture of the organization. Their desire is for Cru not to be “parachurch” but to be “part of the Church.”

We don’t have enough missionaries to reach every campus, or to truly disciple all the students we arereaching. However, if a team of churches around each campus join together, every student would have the opportunity to hear the gospel and connect with a local body of believers who can walk with them for a lifetime.

How to Get Involved

For college students, I’ve developed a church partner handbook that gives options for involvement that cater to the diverse situations of each church and individual. It is super-simple on the surface, but each option links to more information. Whether you are just checking things out or want to run a full-scale college ministry, this document can get you started.

Cru does not only work with college students. Our goal has been to help build spiritual movements everywhere. Here is a list of other mission fields and links that will show how Cru can help you to reach them:

Let your friends and pastors know about this new direction, and contact us today so we can help you answer God’s invitation to join His mission to those He has placed on your heart.

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