Reaching the Entertainment World

aldaniaSo, the Holy Spirit totally hijacked my day.  My friend, Brian, and I went to Full Sail (a university that pumps graduates into major film, music and video game industries every month) to try to meet with a pastor and some students there.  Instead, we met a comic book professor and his student daughter then took a tour of the campus and met just about every Christian there, including Aldania (below) who is an admissions representative.  She talks to students as they consider enrolling in the school and she said that a large number of students and their parents ask whether there is any kind of spiritual community on the campus.  Now, she can finally say “yes” and point them to us!

I will get to flex my creative muscles as we share the gospel through film festivals and discussions on spiritual topics based on the major themes of story.  Best of all, we can help these students shine a light in one of the darkest areas of culture: the media. Please pray for us and these brave students!

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