What God’s Been Teaching Us


In a team meeting the other day, we had a guest from our JESUS Film folks who shared stories that we’re just not allowed to tell about things happening in closed countries. I heard things that will stick with me for the rest of my life about the bravery and sacrifice of people we know. I also heard that Jesus is physically wandering the hills of some Muslim countries healing people and leading small group!
One thing I can share, though is a lesson this guy told us he has gleaned from the hundreds of stories he’s collected, and I think this would bless you as well! He said that he’s always taught his kids to see themselves as God sees them, but wondered exactly how to explain what that means. “God is timeless,” he said. “Therefore, He sees the whole span of our relationship at once. While He is interacting with the ‘right-now’ you who is constantly sinning and falling away He is (at the same time) interacting with the ‘10k-years-from-now you’ who has been fully glorified and walking with Him for age upon age.”

I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of encouragement in that idea. It reminds me to give myself the right balance of Grace, Truth and Time just like He does. In this marathon, Aslan (Jesus) will meet us at the end of this life and say, “the dream is over. THIS is the morning!”

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