God’s Been Teaching Us

A few weeks ago, our pastor was reminding us how important it is for us to be sharing our faith.  “Of course, Lord,” I (Karen) prayed. “I want to share with people, but You know I don’t really go anywhere except the grocery store and doctors’ offices.  Please give me opportunities and bring me people who want to hear about you!”


God answered and, in the past three weeks, I’ve had five spiritual conversations with people at doctors’ offices and the grocery store.  In addition, I met a lady at the grocery store who then came to our church (because of Vacation Bible School) and I got her contact information to keep in touch with her.  Of the five conversations, four included the Gospel and my personal testimony (once was the “short, short version” because the man needed to get back to work!).  The other was encouragement about prayer and God’s plan.

How did I know the door was open for those conversations?  People literally asked me direct questions, including: “Have you always been a Christian?” and “Have you and Jeff always gone to church together?  That must really help your marriage!” and “What is it your husband does?”  Then the Holy Spirit gave me words to share about God’s amazing love and faithfulness.  They said they appreciated talking with me, and several said they’d love to talk more some time.

What does God want to tell you?  That’s between you and Him.  Do you need to pray for opportunities to share?  Do you need to pray for confidence to see yourself as His ambassador?  Do you simply need to remember that you are loved fiercely by a Father who pursues people?  These are always on God’s heart (Matt 28:19; 2 Cor 5:20; Psalm 139).

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