Family Update


We have both been praying that God would use our move to Orlando to allow us to minister to family and friends as a place of rest and rejuvenation when they visit.  That was really put to the test this month, which has been a marathon of visitors.  It started with Karen’s mom, Grammy, who stayed for 2.5 weeks!  We had missed her so much since we last saw her in early October, and we were all blessed by how well such a long visit went, looking forward to seeing each other again (much sooner this time we hope).


Next, our good friends CG and Liz from PA came for a quick visit.  We had fun and they grilled us with really good questions about parenting in preparation for their new baby!  We’re pretty sure we didn’t steer them irreparably wrong 🙂

Finally, we had an extended visit with beloved friends, Sean and Maria, who served with us in the NJ college ministry.  They are in the midst of some major life decisions, and we were so glad to be able to minister to them and pray with them as they navigated their many possible futures.


Arthur and Katherine have such big hearts to pray for and minister to people around them, after they’ve finished bouncing off the walls trying to impress the new people that is :).  We have loved having so many people here to love.

Karen has begun to see a chiropractor, who almost immediately helped relieve lingering symptoms from the concussion sustained in April.  We are excited to see energy and overall physical health increasing.  Our kids are also thrilled to see God answering their prayers for Mommy to get better.  We love their hearts and instinct to pray.  A few weeks ago, Arthur prayed for me to “grow and keep growing into a warrior of God.”  He prayed that I would “have good days, not mind the bad da

ys, and forget the bad days in the past.”  Praise God for these wonderful little people that we get to share life with!

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