Picture1     This summer, God is using Jeff to make a big difference in the lives of students all across the US!  He is coaching “missional living” groups in NJ, PA, TX, CA and AZ as they participate in an online mission trip called Mission Summer.

During one session, they taught students how to tell stories about how God changed their lives.  One student, Samantha, shared this:

I was abused for 16 years, I cut myself to release the pain.  I was bullied through middle and high school.  I always struggled with people walking out of my life, being


     Going to a Cru winter conference is when it hit me, I did not have to be perfect.  I realized that trust was the biggest issue and I just had to trust the Lord and let Him lead.  I have hope back in my life and I am thankful to everyone that supports me. The Lord changed my life and He can change yours too, you just have to be willing to let Him.  morevaluable, etc.


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