What God’s Been Teaching Us

Karen and I have been repeating a prayer that Steve Douglass, president of Cru, reports to pray daily, “that God would allow mPicture1e to touch a life that day – that I could be a tangible conveyer of God’s love to some individual in need.”  Now, there are lots of ways for God to use you and I to answer that prayer (by blessing someone financially, or with some skill that God has given us), and He has shown up in different ways almost every day.  But knowing my heart for counseling and Karen’s for loving strangers, I’m sure you can guess what happened the very first day…

Karen was headed out of a hardware store when she had to go back in for something (that was God right there by the way).  When she was going through checkout, she noticed that the cashier, Daniel, was visibly upset.  A few minutes of Holy Spirit conversation later and Daniel had opened up about his struggles with depression, with his
past, with his relationships, and with God.

Some of Karen’s own history really matched his situation (fulfilling what Steve Douglass’ wife, Judy, often says, that “God doesn’t waste anything”).  Daniel and I have gotten deeply into the things of God now.  He and Mary, his pregnant wife, have quickly become good friends.  They’ve been over our house, to church with us and even to a men’s breakfast (well, not Mary to that one :)!  Please pray for them!

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