A Summer I’ll Never Forget

The following was written by a student, Logan, who experienced only the last 3 weeks of Mission Summer:

Picture1I heard my father, minister at a local church, raving about how awesome it was to have representatives from CRU ministries come and speak. I intern at a different church and so I was unable to hear the speakers. After listening to my dad and then doing a little research on my own, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of this organization. I submitted the online request form and was transferred to Brian and Jeff and that is where I began my Mission Summer journey.

That first night I joined was Roger Hershey’s last night speaking; this idea of having a world Christian perspective. The ways I was challenged and my eyes opened during that session left me speechless. I started bragging about what God did in my life just in that initial first night of joining. God began putting a burden on my heart for international missions that evening. Little did I know He was about to rock my world.

The next Sunday night, I invited some of the high school and middle school students from the church I intern at to join in on the session. We had 10 students come and they thoroughly enjoyed the topic of how to have a mission mindset.

Clearly it struck a heartstring because the next week we had 22 students join in. They took what they heard to heart and began telling others about what God was doing. Little did they know that God was dealing with my heart about pursuing international missions this entire time. God was not only working in the group’s heart but the individuals of the group’s heart.

Now we are in the present. God has continued speaking to me about foreign mission work but for right now God has me in Easley, SC for a reason and I’m not going to waste that time. While I’m here, God has given me a desire to start a bible study in my community that brings together both high school and college students from the locals schools in my area. There are 5 colleges and 5 high schools. God has brought together a team from the students who participated this summer to make this project happen. We’ve decided to use missions as our goal. Showing this community what missions look like and also bringing in sinners to share with them how Jesus Christ can save them!

So far, we’ve had over 70 students from the school I’ll be attending this fall show an interest along with many other students from across our small town radius. I cannot tell you how pumped we are to begin school now knowing what God has in store!

Mission Summer truly promotes a passion for missions and encourages and challenges  all the students involved in a positive way. I am so happy to have been a part of this project and don’t know if my walk with God would be as strong as it is right now if it wasn’t for my involvement with Mission Summer!

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