Picture1     I mentioned a few months ago that I have the great privilege to coach students around the US in living missionally through a “stay-at-home mission trip” called Mission Summer.

We’ve had close to 200 students participating, and it is great to hear them spur each other on and talk about how their lives are changing.  One “student” that I’ve had the pleasure to coach is Jim (below).  He is a student at NJIT and a professor at Sussex County.  During one breakout session, he admitted to never having shared the gospel before and was a little nervous about that week’s challenge.

After some advice that seemed to give him hope, I introduced Jim to Joel (whom I discipled at NJIT) and the two went out to share.  Both came back reporting great conversations and increased confidence to tell people in NJ about Jesus.  Pray for Jim and others sharing Christ for the 1st time!

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