Picture1     My colleague, Brian, and I have continued to make inroads to Full Sail University, a school in Orlando that pours graduates into the film, music and video game industry every month.

Because I signed up for more information on becoming a student there (would love to earn a Masters in Entertainment Writing someday), I was invited to join the school’s internal Facebook group.  Right away, I noticed that I could look up other people on that network by interest:

  • 604 interested in
  • 949 say they’re “open minded”
  • 346 are “exploring my beliefs”
  • 1,024 interested in Christianity

That last group included Brittany.  Both she and her professor father are excited to help us reach lost students at Full Sail and help Christian artists explore how faith and art intersect and how to be a light in the entertainment industry.  I can’t wait to try out Art-specific strategies there, like a short film festival, a themes of life/story discussion series and an I Am Second small group testimony-based bible study.  Please pray as we invest in the lives of young people who will shape what we watch, play and listen to in generations to come!


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