Family Update

Both our kiddos started school the week of August 18th!  Arthur began first grade with familiar faces—his kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Comer) “looped” and is now teaching first grade with the same class of kids.  We are thrilled, because she loves the Lord and our experience with her last year was great.  Arthur enjoys school and Picture1we’re happy about how well he’s adjusted into a schedule that is pretty full between school, homework and eye therapy exercises.

Our little Kat also began pre-school for the very first time!  We’ve seen some maturing over the last month or so, which we have been hoping would happen before we had to send her out into the world.  She was very excited about starting.  Overall it has been a very positive experience for the whole family.  She is actually attending the same Christian pre-school Arthur went to during our STINT year, so it is fun to see some familiar faces and have her in a program we already love.

Picture2Please pray for all of us as we adjust to a life stage and schedule that is very new, especially for Katherine and me (Karen).  I have been presented with enough tempting “opportunities” to fill literally every child-free minute with Cru work, church-related activities and volunteering at schools.  I am excited to step into a role as a Missional Coach (we talked about this months ago in a newsletter but it was called “Transition Coaching” at that point).  I’m really excited to come alongside people and help them process “living on God’s mission” wherever they are.  Would you please join me in praying for wisdom in using my time and energy?  Certain priorities and roles are obvious, so I want to trust that “the rest of it” will become clear over time 🙂

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