Reaching California State

I’ve just got to tell you about my buddy, Eric.  He attends a Spanish speaking church out in LA and has just started attending California State.

I have been coaching Eric in preparing to launch Cru at the Northridge campus of that big school.  He attended Mission Summer, where he said, “I was able to hear God through other students as they told me their experiences with CRU. Again, I find the fact that wherever in the world we may travel to, we have family because we are all united by Christ.”

Mission Summer – An online mission trip

Since then, Eric has gathered his friends to launch the movement this Fall.  I met with him, and his friend Gaddiel, for a video chat and he said, “it’s funny to think of you all the way over in Florida, because I feel like you’re right here with me.”  I couldn’t resist the chance to record him, so you can see Eric and Gaddiel here.  Pray for their ministry these first few weeks of school (which are the most critical of the year for incoming freshmen) and for their club fair, where we’ve seen hundreds plug in and some even accept Jesus!

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