Training Evagelists

Picture5It has been so exciting to be able to serve at Full Sail University, where lots of jaded artists are churned out into the entertainment industry every single month.  What an opportunity!

Every couple weeks, I’ve been able to share the gospel on campus right outside the building below, and take somebody with me who has never shared before.  I got to take Pastor Chris here from a church of about 14,000!  As he works with college-aged students in his church, he is excited to implement what he has learned by sharing with me at Full Sail!  Talk about ongoing impact!  I even got to see a student, Jason, accept Christ just the other week with the help of a stay-at-home mom (Beth) who wants to bring evangelism to her church!

Pizza and GodIn other amazing news, Walden Media sponsored us to show their new movie “The Giver” for free in a local theater just before its major release.  170 Full Sail students came and stayed for a 30-min discussion about truth, love and what it means to be alive.  One student even posted a video testimony in response!  From this event, we were able to get officially recognized on the campus, and have big plans, so keep praying!

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