Picture1Ever have one of those calls that just causes the rest of the world to fade out?  One of my closest friends called me this month with a marriage in crisis.  There were faults on both sides that went back for years and both were tired of fighting.  Call us naïve, but Karen and I have always hung onto the words of Jesus, “what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Mark 10:9) and we knew He was calling us to drop everything and be a part of saving this marriage. “But, what can we do?”  We asked each other.

We started by falling to our knees, not for the last time.  The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy families (John 10:10) and boy have we felt that over these past few weeks.

We flew our friends down and took them to a Weekend to Remember hosted by FamilyLife (Cru’s marriage ministry).  The speakers were amazing and even met with them privately.  One of the biggest things I learned is that “every moment of our marriage is either intentionally moving toward oneness or else drifting toward isolation.”  By Sunday, my friends renewed their vows publicly and gave Karen and I the honor of signing as witnesses!

Please be encouraged and continue to pray for our friends as they walk the rough road and return to the busy “real world.”  Please also pray with hope for the marriages in your own community!

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