Picture2Our family ministry continued this month as Karen’s muscle therapist, Sammy, came to church with us last week with his girlfriend and two kids.  We were also blessed to attend the wedding of Shelby and Ryan, two employees at our local grocery store with whom Karen has become close.  Shelby’s mom told Karen, at the baby shower, how happy she was that Shelby has been coming back to church, and it’s hard for me not to believe that Karen’s friendship played a part in that.

Arthur has begun reading books to Katherine (which she just LOVES).  He is also starting to reach out to the other boys in our neighborhood, especially Case, so please pray for Arthur to be a light here.  Also this month, Arthur underwent a progress assessment in his eye therapy.  We are seeing remarkable improvement!  For example, Arthur started with only 1% of “normal depth perception” and is now up to 45%!  There was only one area that they noticed hadn’t seen much improvement (a certain kind of 3D) but last week he even saw THAT for the first time!  Praise God, and pray for the office workers, as Karen reaches out to them with the love of Jesus.

Picture3     Please pray for Katherine, who had a very rough week of behaving in Pre-K and Sunday School.  We bought Dobson’s updated edition of “The Strong-Willed Child,” which has been encouraging.  Praise God all her teachers are prayer warriors as we battle to direct her fierce and loving spirit toward God without crushing it.

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