Picture4Ministry for me has been living in a few different worlds: coaching students and volunteers around the US to run campus ministry, trying to shape the culture of Cru to serve together with the church more, and getting on campus to teach students and volunteers how to live out the gospel and share their faith.  It’s great practice for me, too!

Just the other day, I handed a meeting flyer to a student who had to get to class.  He texted me when he came out and, though the meeting was over, I invited him to tag along as I started conversations with students in the patio (below).  It was so cool for his first experience with Cru to be talking with people of other worldviews about their faith.  He echoed what so many have said before, that people are very open when approached in a respectful and relational way.

Picture5The night before, I had over 30 great spiritual conversations at a nearby apartment complex when we were invited to run a Soularium game table at their video game night.  Pray for student Jenny and others who are really searching!

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