Picture2    I’m so excited to hear the hearts of my students as they seek to launch movements where there has never been one before.  Listen to Malaysia from Albany State:

“I am writing this brief statement just to speak having CRU on campus would be extremely beneficial to students. Although there may be positive organizations already, CRU stands out. CRU is an organization for those of us that not only want to grow more in Christ and learn his word, but reach out to the student body as well. CRU is a positive organization that wants to help others.

In college, many students can easily fall away from God, being that some become involved in negativity since they are away from home. CRU is an organization that wants to build up together to make a strong family, and let one another know that it is okay to not follow the crowd. We simply want to have this organization to help others become closer to God, and hopefully it will help transform this campus in a positive way.”

Please pray for Malaysia, for Cru to become an official club at Albany State and for other schools that still have nothing like this.


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