Picture1I love the ministry at Angelo State University!  They are the perfect example of what I dream of seeing on campuses all over the US.  Last Spring, we had nothing there, and no prospects of starting anything.  I called a few of the churches in the area and found one that had a heart to reach their neighboring campus.  Out of that call, I got introduced to Rebecca, who (though she’s recently out of college herself) has coached students in an effort to launch a brand-new evangelical ministry where none has been before.

I recently had a coaching call with Rebecca as they continue to work out the bugs in getting recognized as an official club of the school (which will open all kinds of doors for booking rooms, hosting events and getting the word out about the ministry and about Jesus).  She sounded a little discouraged at first, then said, “if it doesn’t happen, we’ll just have to go back to sharing the gospel every week.”


Her biggest challenge is seeing student leaders step up and own the ministry themselves.  I taught her to “MAWL” her students: Model, Asist, Watch, Leave.  Pray for their next semester!


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