Family News

God is so good.  Yes, we all got sick (very sick, sinus infections and Picture1bronchitis ran laps around our house), but He provided the strength we needed to get through it.  He also provided family and dear friends who visited us over the holidays and this month as well.

Picture2     One of the great things about living in Orlando is that people we love always have some reason to be here.  In Katie and Darren’s case (top), they were here for the Run Disney Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles total)!  Whatever reason brings you to our city, definitely call us up so we can give you a hug (and possibly a tour of Cru world headquarters)!

The kids had a great Christmas, full of art supplies and Picture3construction toys.  They even got a crayon maker (thank you, garage sale!) so they could melt their old broken art supplies and construct new ones :).  Karen bravely went “dumpster diving” and cleaned up an old whiteboard that is big enough for both to draw on at once (thank you, neighbors!) 🙂

We are excited to have taken on a new role at church, as part of the teaching team for our middle-school Sunday school class.  This is an answer to our prayer that we could get more involved in serving our church family, and we ask for your prayers for wisdom and love as we seek to disciple these young hearts well.

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