Over 1,000 students from around the Mid-Atlantic region attended our winter conference cPicture2alled RADIATE 2014: Anchored.

  • 24 put their faith in Christ!
  • 105 committed to spending at least a year in full-time ministry!
  • 220 committed to going on a summer mission opportunity with Cru!
  • 741 signed a pledge of surrender which can be found here.

Picture3One student impacted was Zach, who had drifted over the summer.  Plagued by fears and doubts, he called himself an agnostic and was resentful toward God.  Through Cru, Zach came back into fellowship with Him and even joined a city outreach during the Christmas conference.  He challenged a young atheist, “do you think it’s possible that there is a God?”  The man even agreed to hear Zach’s gospel booklet.  Zach explains, “you just have to show up, just say ‘I’m willing to share,’ and God takes care of the rest.”

Pray for Zach and view the main talks here.

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