Family Update

Our gorgeous daughter turned 5 this month!  We praise God even more so because it is only by His grace that our little cannonball has Picture2survived this long.  Katherine is an absolute fire cracker who loves, fights, plays, cries and plays with all her heart since the day she arrived.  She and Karen are now a gospel tag-team too.  A few weeks ago, Katherine was riding in the grocery cart when she held up a cross she’d made out of a straw and toothpick.  She proceeded to quiz the woman behind her in the check-out line about what it means.  Karen overheard and joined in the conversation and now the woman has been coming to our church for several weeks along with her husband and son, and she asked about bringing friends of her own as well!

Arthur hit a milestone this month, too!  He had his final eye therapy appointment and a graduation celebration with the office workers, including a 3D viewing of Disney’s Frozen (Arthur had never been able to see 3D before therapy)!  Arthur and Karen have been a real light in that office, including last time where the therapist told us through tears about her father and grandfather being in the hospital and her heartbreak over growing up in a Picture1broken home.  Karen is sad that she won’t see all the ladies she has been ministering to in that office for a while, but they all gave her personal numbers and want to meet up for lunch and some even for a tour of Cru headquarters!

We have also begun alternating attendance to our church’s 7 days/week 6am prayer meeting!  We have been growing in our faith and in our friendships with fellow church members, as well as seeing God do some pretty amazing things.  We are grateful beyond words that Karen has experienced new freedom from despair, and life in our house has been different in a very positive way these past few weeks!

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