I had no idea what was going to happen.Picture1

I had arranged a great opportunity for the students to engage with someone who has been out ther e in the industry and whose walk with God has carried him through it all, but would they come?  Full of nerves as I interviewed him, Bob confessed that he felt more comfortable at gunpoint in South America than in front of a crowd.  Would he deliver?  Students are often so cold to Christianity.  Would they respond?

As I walked into the highly secured facility, I was pleased to discover that the school had heard about our event and had even advertised it themselves, offering professional credit to any who attended the entire presentation!  Bob shared his need to do something meaningful, which resonated deeply with the packed room, and students lined up to hear more.

Of the 50+ in the room, 25 signed up to go deeper and 15 said they’d like to learn how to have a personal relationship with God.  Please pray as we follow up with each of them individually!


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