Our Family in Spring!

Picture4Spring has meant tons of fun for Arthur and Katherine.  Arthur has been to some birthday parties with friends, the weather has been beautiful, and we are realizing how much “inflatables” have transformed the face of childhood entertainment!

Arthur has been particularly excited about wildlife education.   His favorite show right now is Wild Kratts, where two biologist brothers teach us about exotic animals and then jump into animated adventures of themselves gaining the powers of those animals to save the day.  He has been so enthralled by this that he has already incorporated the Kratt brothers into the board game he has been designing (yep, creative just like his Picture2parents) and begging his daddy daily to print a new coloring page of an animal with fun facts about their habitat, diet and behavior so he can add it to his homemade science books.

Arthur was also excited to win a copy of the Jesus Film for Children at the Cru tent of our church’s Easter extravaganza (see front page) which was perfect timing as the kids got to see the gospel as one of their first experiences of a live-action movie.

Katherine still follows her brother around in almoPicture3st everything he does.  If he likes Wild Kratts, so does she, and she spends her rest times crafting her own “creature power discs” and her own board game (“Teaspoon the Camel Game”).  She has also been super into a toy camera/projector her grandparents got her for her birthday last month.

The house being built for Karen’s mom is almost finished, and we’ll be kind of sad to see her leave, though being a 10-minute walk away eases the blow considerably :).

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