Against the Darkness

Picture2In March, 6-million people turn Panama City Beach, FL into the “Spring Break Capital of the World.”  The police chief responded to a recent shooting saying, “drunk students with drugs and guns is a recipe for disaster.”  Cru is bringing hope.

This year, almost 3,000 students and staff shared with 5,202 vacationers and saw 508 give their lives to Jesus on the spot.  When they weren’t out on the beach sharing, our students were growing in their faith through seminars and packing 125,000 meals for “Feeding Children Everywhere.”  See this video.

Picture1     One of my students who was impacted by the trip was Gabriel, who teamed up with Bowling Green University to come and share his faith on the beach.  He was blown away by just how dark things were spiritually.  In frustration, he prayed that God would use him before taking a break from the beach to have lunch.  Then some partying students nearby engaged him in conversation (who happened to also be from Bowling Green).  These students were still hurting from a shooting that had happened on their own campus, and God used Gabe to minister to them.  Gabe really experienced God’s goodness & faithfulness!

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