Reaching Filmmakers who Reach the World

Watch Chad’s video at

I want you to hear from Chad, a movie director whose life you have been a part of changing when he was a student! Now, he’s giving back and giving students a chance to impact even more people for Jesus:

He quit grad school to make a movie, which didn’t do well, landing him in big debt.  Deciding to go back to school and unable to afford rent, he moved in with some Cru students who discipled him through the bitterness of “God, I thought you called me to make this film.  Why did you make it fail?”

They taught him valuable lessons in where he finds his identity and focusing on relationship and obedience over success (details in my interview with him here).  Then, that film started to pick up speed again (Chad believes it is NO COINCIDENCIDENTAL TIMING).

Now, Chad has made an AWESOME action film with a subtle gospel message (in theaters today) and I’ve helped him develop a strategy for our students across the US to bring a friend and have spiritual conversations in the parking lot: details here.  We’re also building a Christian student filmmaker ministry with the help of directors from Fireproof, Hillsong, Disney’s Mulan, and others!

This is your fruit as well because of your financial and prayer partnership with us. Together we play a significant part in equipping people like Chad to become lifetime laborers in the harvest to reach people in schools, neighborhoods, theaters and campuses around the world for Christ.

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