Summer Connect – 1,300 students staying strong with the Lord away from school!

Students who go on one of our 200+ mission trips come back changed forever, saying it was the best experience with God in their lives.  But only about 5% of our students get to go, while the rest live and work at home often falling away from their walk with God without the thriving community they had on campus.

That’s why I’ve been a part of creating this online mission trip that takes them through daily devotions and weekly faith step challenges using apps, social media, etc.  Every Sunday night, they all gather in a web conf (from as far as Iceland) to share what God’s been doing in their lives and to hear from our top speakers!

Please pray for these students, and the impact they can have for the kingdom!  You can get a sneak peak into what they’re up to THIS WEEK through the schedule below, and ANYONE can sign up (for free now) at

Your Walk with God: June 7th – 13th

Sunday Night LIVE


Darryl Smith encouraged us to courageously take the gospel to the world in light of God’s promises, presence and power. We trained you in the My Cru App and Platform. Miss SNL this week? No worries subscribe to our YouTube channel see what you missed.


Small Group Discussion/Individual Study Options


WEEKLY Opportunities & Training

My Cru

  • Need help connecting to My Cru. Text “Summer” to 85005 then Start Here with this tutorial.
  • Spiritual Pathways – Daily Devotional
  • Daily Step of Faith







Questions or have feedback?

My Cru –, Sunday Night Live –,

Coaching or Encouragement –

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