Brianna and Mary at an  “Ugly Sweater Party”
Brianna and Mary at an
“Ugly Sweater Party”

Karen and I have been able to bless people and launch ministries because of the help of our supporters, and Cherryville Baptist is a great example. Because they think of us and come to us for help, we’ve been able to connect their young people to Christian communities away from home.
Brianna is the newest installment in that story. At University of New Haven in CT, she got involved in a Christian club, but they decided they wanted to be more than just a “club.” They wanted to effect eternity by reaching their campus with the love of Jesus Christ. So, they changed their name to Cru and God has blessed their efforts to build community with dozens of students, but they weren’t connected to other campuses, tools or missionaries.
Brianna reached out to us because we spoke at her home church and she introduced me to Mary, the club president. Now Mary is plugging in with our Summer Connect program (below) and blown away by the ideas and structural help we’ve been able to provide.
Pray for Brianna and Mary as they seek to support each other and step out in faith to reach their classmates for Christ!

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