Our former NJ supervisor coaching digital team leaders
Our former NJ supervisor coaching digital team leaders

3,059 students are attending 180 Cru mission trips this year in 52 countries.  They come back changed forever, saying it was the best experience with God in their lives.  But only about 5% of our students get to go, while many of the rest fall away from God without the fellowship they had on campus.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with my former supervisor, Rob Mittuch, to be a part of creating this online mission trip called Summer Connect, which takes them through daily devotions and weekly faith step challenges using apps, social media, etc.

Each Sunday night, 1,300 students gather in a web conference (from as far as Iceland) to share what God’s been doing in their lives and to hear from our top speakers!

Pray for the impact they can have for the kingdom!  You can get a sneak peak into what they’re up to THIS WEEK or sign up yourself!

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