Team Effort

God has truly been answering our prayers as Cru has caught a strong heart for partnership. 8/31 was a beautiful example.

Students and staff from different areas (Valencia, UCF, Full Sail and Headquarters) along with members of our church joined us on a campus where we’ve never been before to share the gospel and launch a new movement!

Karen got to lead Stephanie to Christ!
Karen got to lead Stephanie to Christ!

I was thrilled to see our church friends learning how to share their faith for the first time and having deep and wonderful conversations.  One of them turned to me and said what many students have before, “I was scared coming here, but this was great!  People are so willing to talk.  They come right up to you!”  She then described how a Buddhist student was asking them all kinds of truly open questions about Christianity.

By the end of the day, over 200 students filled out surveys indicating interest in helping launch Cru on their campus.  At least 4 people heard the entire gospel and two people prayed to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior!  Praise God for all He is doing, and please continue to pray for Valencia College’s East campus and for more

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