What a month of changes!  Arthur started 2nd grade and Katherine started Kindergarten (always makes us laugh that we slip into German between pre-school and 1st grade).  Kat was so excited to ride the bus with Arthur and MacKenzie (daughter of our dear friends/co-workers/neighbors Brian & Amy)!Picture6

Arthur has been accepted into the gifted “SPARK” program at school; we’re so proud of him and thankful he has this opportunity to challenge and inspire his amazing mind.  We love his teachers and are excited for him.  Little man finally lost both his top front teeth, victorious after many weeks of wiggling.  Karen shed a tear when she realized he had officially grown out of his “baby face.”

Picture7     Katherine has been majorly into “arts & crafts” lately, drawing and cutting all kids of things (creatures, cars, landscape) out of paper and foam pages. We’re still reeling from the idea that our tiny daughter is off to school and growing up so fast.  Her first few days have been met with mixed feelings as she adjusts to all the structure in addition to being away from home so much, but we’re confident that her sweet and experienced teacher is the perfect ally as we help Kat grow and develop.

I (Karen) have been delighted to be back out on campus ministering alongside Jeff.  I’ve had some really great conversations with students at Full Sail and Valencia East.  I had the incredible opportunity to share the gospel with Stephanie and see her put her trust in Jesus.  Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than that!  I also got to meet with Emily, who is a Christian but has gone her own way recently.  While talking, it became clear that she is unsatisfied and has felt a desire to walk closely with Jesus again.  I’m hoping God will use me to continue to encourage her and help her grow in this way.

Please join us in praying for Arthur’s teachers Ms. Smith (2nd grade) and Mrs. Whalen (SPARK) and Kat’s teacher Mrs. Beaudet 🙂

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