A major issue discussed at our staff conference was how our ministry needs to grow to reflect the population.  Cru has not had a stellar track record ministering to minority students, and our staff is sorely unbalanced.  NJ, however, has always been ahead of the curve in this area.  National leaders have even remarked that the ministry there reflects such a picture of the diversity we will see in Heaven.  Karen and I have always felt strongly about supporting minority staff as part of our own giving to the Lord and Zara is our newest addition.  She just finished raising her initial support and thinks back to when she was a Freshman at Monmouth University:

“I was so nervous that I wouldn’t find a good group of people to spend the next 4 years of my life with. I found Cru the 1st week of school at the club fair. I was so thankful to find a caring community passionate about Jesus and connecting others to Him. Through Cru, I found some of my very best friends and learned how to share my faith, live a Spirit filled life, and live my life on mission.”  Pray for Zara as she sets out on campus!

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