Mentoring Mentors

On campus with Jim Green, former president of the JESUS Film
On campus with Jim Green, former president of the JESUS Film

God has given us the great opportunity, working out of Cru world headquarters, to rub shoulders with many pillars of faith and missionary role models.  Most of the time, we are students who drink in the wisdom and experience of those who look back on a lifetime dedicated to the work of the Lord and have seen Him move all around the world.  Sometimes, however, God turns the tables and allows us to teach them!

As part of my effort to see more of the Lord’s people actively sharing their faith and pouring into the next generation, I’ve been assembling teams from churches and other Christian organizations to get on campus with the gospel.  The JESUS Film Project, a ministry that has brought a visual gospel to EVERY country in the world, has jumped in with both feet!

We’ve been amazed to hear even seasoned missionaries, like Jim Green, exclaim their gratitude to Karen and I for showing them how to interact with students and how easy it is to talk to young people about spiritual things!  A video of some of them is posted here:

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