God is Moving in Paris!

Untitled (2)“If terrorists want to put France on her knees … they will only succeed in putting Christian believers on their knees, praying for France.”  This is the response of a colleague who is serving to reach the Muslim community in Paris.
The recent attacks have had a strange impact on the movement of God in that area.  Well, it would be strange if there wasn’t a divine hand guiding circumstances.  The Christians of the city have been trying to gather and unite in the effort of glorifying God in this hard soil, but the distracting busyness of life have always seemed to get in the way.

The events of 11/13, however, have catalyzed them into action, perhaps not the result that was intended.  In addition to the increased unity among Christian leaders and ministries, the people of Paris seem more open to spiritual conversations (similar to the impact of 9/11 in the US).

Please pray that God’s people would follow Him into this ripening harvest, and bring peace, love and eternal
restoration to the Creator of Life during these turbulent times!

For more on what Cru is up to in France, click here!


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