Uniting the Church

Picture2     The other week, I was contacted by Jon, a minister in Minnesota who oversees 240 churches.  He said they’ve been looking to grow in their ability to reach college students.  They knew that was something Cru excelled at and wondered whether Cru did anything to help equip lay people.

Because God opened up this role for me in Orlando, Cru was able to say “yes” where they would previously have needed to say “no.”  I took him through a brief overview of the training and resources that I provide and he kept exclaiming how overwhelmed he was at the quality, at the care, and how we provide this as a complimentary service to lay people and churches.  We closed in prayer together, both of us brimming with excitement for what the Lord seems to be doing in our hearts and in the united Bride of Christ!

As many areas of the world seem to darken, watch carefully for the light of Christ to shine brighter among his people and pray for unity (John 17:20-23).

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