Met with God in the Mountains!

Rafael and Monica hosted me during my stay in LA, and their kids drove me to visit campuses and churches!

It is a common myth missionaries fall into when raising support for their ministry that it is a “necessary step” in order to start doing ministry.  In fact, raising support IS ministry, and an incredibly powerful part of what we do. We often see God show up in amazing ways, transforming our own lives as well as those we reach out to for partnership.

This month, while raising support, I had the opportunity to visit 2 churches in Southern California that are trying to launch Cru at their local campuses of California State University (notorious for its “all comers” policy that has driven Christian ministries off campus).  I stayed with Eric, a student I’ve been coaching, and his sweet Mexican-American family.  Their hospitality and care filled my heart to bursting and showed me an aspect of God more clearly than I’ve ever seen Him before!

As they took me around from campus to downtown LA and into the mountains, then from house to house to church, I couldn’t believe how grateful THEY were to ME, seeking my advice and asking to hear the many stories of God at work around the world.

Karen and I marvel at the blessing of God, who calls us to connect with His children all around the country, share the ministry He placed on our hearts and invite others to link arms with us and with God in His great rescue mission! During these times, God has shown us again and again that He will provide, and all He asks of us is to be faithful to go, do, say and give as He directs.  Bless this family, their church and the united efforts to reach students in California for Jesus!


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