13127271365_255b15cee1_zDuring the month of March 3,000 college students will head to our Spring Break Mission Trips in LA and FL to be trained in ministry and evangelism, and then put that into practice, sharing the gospel with tens of thousands of partying students on the beaches.

This can be a dark place for vacationing students but it is also such a strategic time, evidenced by over 500 new believers who placed their faith in Jesus last year. You have a wonderful opportunity to participate with us. We will have real-time results and names of people who accept Christ on a daily basis and I would love to be able to get people praying for these individuals by name . . . that same day! The list would be a simple list of first names (potentially 100 names per day).

Will you please pray for these new believers in the Lord? I am looking for as many people as possible to be praying with us.  If you would like to get this month-long daily prayer update, sign up here (  You can also watch the conference live right along with our student missionaries each day and night at

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