Kassy may look silly here, but she’s a smart and powerful student president at Kean University. This year, she got to lead her brother to Jesus at a homecoming outreach using a tool called Soularium.

Picture1              More recently, though, her leadership has truly been tested!  The lives of black students at her school were threatened after a gathering in front of the student center in support of peace across the nation, especially after the death of a black student at University of Missouri and the terrorist attack on Paris. The threat was made on a fake Twitter account indicating that if any black men or women were seen they’d be shot or killed on the spot.Picture3

Under Kassy’s leadership, Cru students wore all black to show solidarity, raised awareness, offered prayer for both students and faculty, and modeled the love of Christ to their classmates in many other ways which demonstrated how a Christian should respond in a country divided by racial tensions.  Pray God uses them mightily!


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