Video Games and God?

1935621_769973563136584_3740237684462593382_n     Maddy never thought that video games could change her life.  In fact, she wasn’t even interested in video games, but her apartment’s community director, Jaymy, invited her down to their video game tournament outreach saying that Cru had set up a Green Screen Photo Booth.

I used this technology to text students images of themselves in front of their favorite game along with a message about our ministry and a link to our website that leads 800+ to Jesus every day (  I sent an image of Maddy with a few of her friends, then invited her to take part in a picture survey called Soularium with my friend Kyle.

StoneCastle Video Game Night     She opened up a lot that night, along with Dia and several others.  Maddy is hungry for a relationship with God and is asking good questions.  Pray for Jaymy discipling Maddy and for all the others reached through newfound connections between Cru, ApartmentLife and Powder Keg Games with James Sang Lee (a 4-time martial arts world champion, movie stunt man and evangelist).

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