Jesus at Rutgers

PnG     Cru students at Rutgers hosted a “Pizza & God” event where they gave out free pizza and had an open conversation about spiritual things. Around 40 students came and heard the Gospel!

The previous night, Alex—student president for Cru at RU—was driving back to his dorm after handing out flyers when he saw another student headed the same direction, so he gave him a ride. This student was a recent transfer from China. On the ride to the dorm Alex was able to share with him the message of the Gospel. This student was very open and curious about Christianity.

Picture2     Here’s a text message that he sent to Alex: “Good to have such a good friend like you! As a Chinese person who was educated in a completely Chinese traditional  way for the past 20 years, I am so curious about the native way of thinking.”  Alex is hoping to connect again with him sometime soon. Praise God for his step of faith and for the opportunity to further connect students to the loving pursuit of our amazing Father!

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