What God’s Been Teaching Us

Picture1I (Jeff) have been starting to read a series of bible studies called the 10 Basic Steps.  It was written by Bill Bright (founder of Cru) to help people to grow from infancy to maturity in every area of our relationship with God (doesn’t sound so basic, right?).  As I read, it feels almost like being discipled directly by Dr. Bright, who walked with Jesus like few we’ve ever known.

In his step on “Obedience,” he talks about everything from Insincere Obedience and Peer Pressure to Purity, Taming the Tongue, Inner Security and Knowing God’s Will.  In that last one, Dr. Bright reminds us that if we really trust and obey Him, “God will reveal Himself to you and direct your steps as a way of life (John 16:13).” The enemy of our soul tries to keep us from being effective and fruitful, but Satan cannot stand against a heart yielded to Christ.

“Some people are reluctant to trust God completely with their lives, fearing that He may want to make a change in their plans,” but Dr. Bright asks: “Is it not logical that the One who created us knows better than we the purpose for which we were created? And since He loves us enough to die for us, is it not logical to believe that His way is best (Romans 8:32)?”

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