Picture4At the Spring Break Mission Trip, 2,500 Cru students reached out to partying vacationers and saw 504 place their faith in Jesus Christ, while the Cru students themselves were changed forever.  Here are the words of some of our students.

“I was reminded of how important it is to share the gospel. I didn’t realize how many people don’t really know the true message of Christ. The most valuable thing I learned

was conversational skills. It’s all about listening! I feel like I can now have better spiritual conversations with people. I want to be more open and intentional about my faith now, instead of staying away from the subject.”  – Sarah, freshman

Picture5Here’s an encounter two others (Dean and Bryce) had at a Sonic restaurant a few blocks from the beach: “We immediately struck up a conversation with Tom and Alex, two high school spring breakers from Upstate New York who agreed to take our short survey. When asked how they would rate their desire to know God personally (from 1-10), Alex gave it just a one, saying, ‘I wouldn’t want to take away from the mystery of God by having a personal relationship with Him.’ Tom, on the other hand, gave it the highest mark of TEN!  In a quick silent prayer, I asked God for wisdom how to proceed with two people on such opposite ends of the spectrum.

We asked them for permission to share the Knowing God Personally booklet and they both eagerly agreed. At the end, we asked if they were ready to trust Jesus as their Savior. I wasn’t too shocked when Tom agreed to take that step of faith, but I was very surprised when Alex also wanted to accept Jesus as his Savior! We asked some clarifying questions and further explained to them what it would mean to make that decision, and then we bowed in prayer. Wow!” Please pray for follow-up!

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