Godless Hollywood?

Picture4     Many of my students are graduating with hopes to use their gifts to bring God glory in the entertainment world.  Sadly, Hollywood culture can be as strong a current as the campus.  That’s why I’ve been working to establish relationships with those thriving Christian evangelists who can help the “freshmen of Hollywood” unpack and plug in to the mission.

Picture3          God has opened doors for me to meet people running a Cru-like environment for filmmakers and others who rally prayer warriors for the film industry as they share the gospel one-on-one.  I’ve even been able to build relationships that will launch Cru at two LA campuses of California State University this Fall.  I’ve also been invited by the president of a Christian talent organization to introduce Cru discipleship training to thousands of Christian entertainers.

Please pray for these ministries and for God’s people to unite so the world can see the love of Jesus

shining through us!

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