Life After the Pulse Shooting

On June 12th, my wife and I celebrated our 12th anniversary!

It was a marvelous day together, but it was marked forever by the shocking events that happened at the Pulse night club.  As the eyes of the nation turned toward our city, we went to the Lord for wisdom in how to respond.

Picture6             Students at Full Sail have a lot of connections to the tragedy, both because they run through the summer and because of the nature of this school.  I’ve even gotten to pray with a young man who was there and put in the hospital because of the attack.

I am so pleased to share, though, that several churches have stood with us to meet students’ needs and help them process.

We have been surprised by how many students have come to us hungry to engage and learn about Jesus because of this event.  Please pray for God to continue to minister through the ripples of this horrible incident, drawing more people to Himself!


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