Reaching Disney World for Christ!?!

Cru Disney Team

Every year over 12,000 college students intern at Walt Disney World. After 4-12 months, they return home to influence over 500 campuses across the US and over 60 countries around the world. These are some of the top students of the world’s next generation of leaders. Some of the greatest issues the world faces will soon be in their hands. Our region of Cru has a ministry at WDW, in hopes that the gospel of Jesus Christ will forever change their lives, communities, and countries around the world!

Chad Willard, is a Cru Intern at WDW this year. One of his many disciples is Cody Fagaragan from Maui, Hawaii. Below is the impact Chad has had in Cody’s life (in Cody’s words)…

Cody from Hawaii discipled by Chad
Cody from Hawaii discipled by Chad

“Before starting my Disney College Program, I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. Most of my life I was only told to pray and believe in Jesus without knowing or understanding the purpose of this. It wasn’t until I met Chad that I understood what having a relationship with Jesus is. He taught me so much about Jesus, the Bible, and myself through discipleship with him. What I learned from Chad throughout my College Program was invaluable. Although I had my struggles, it meant so much to me that Chad never gave up on me. I am so blessed and thankful to have met Chad and to have him as a friend.”

Cody's impact for Jesus through WDW
Cody’s impact for Jesus through WDW

Praise God for how he is transforming people, like Cody, with the Gospel of Christ at Walt Disney World!! His story is one of many (this map represents the homes of people Chad has influenced this past year). Thank you for helping us send laborers like Chad to expand God’s kingdom around the world.

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