What God’s been teaching us

Picture1“I don’t have time to do God’s work.”  We hear it a lot from students and friends.  You know, it’s true that this world is REALLY busy, too busy for our own good, but this idea of being too busy to serve God is a misunderstanding.  A good friend once recommended a book to us called “Get Real: Sharing Your Faith Everyday” and it explains really well how living for God isn’t about adding new, religious things to your schedule, but changing your perspective and rethinking how you do what already fills your day.

Karen and I got to go to a convention in town and take a few days away from the crazy schedule of family and ministry.  The prayer warrior she is, though, she is frequently praying over our surroundings and passersby, asking God for ministry opportunities.  With 1,500 people at this event, the Lord just MOVED in her heart to pray specifically for this one guy she saw at a nearby table (Last time that happened, we ended up selling our house to them; see here for THAT amazing story!).  So she prayed over the next couple days and asked God to bring him to her if she was supposed to talk to him about it.

It was the final day of the convention, after a church service, when God actually opened the door for us to meet and talk with this young man!  He was incredibly moved as Karen explained how God had singled him out.  He shared how he and his girlfriend have been dedicating their relationship to God and are focused on making sure they are following Him before taking the next steps of engagement and life after college.  Please pray for this sweet couple, Bobby and Jenn, and keep YOUR OWN eyes open for how God might use you every day!

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