Francis Chan – Not the Best Lego

We had the honor of hearing again from Francis Chan at our conference.  His challenge first was to be people who love the Lord and spend more time broken and in awe before Him.  People have said Bill Bright wasn’t the most dynamic speaker, but everyone could tell he was in love with Jesus.

Francis’ next message was about unity of the Church.  He said all our strategies don’t compare to the word of God that says when we’re unified we will watch what happens (John 17:20-23).

Francis Chan LegoHe illustrated this concept so well by holding up a single Lego piece.  He said, “This is what I did for so much of my life, ‘hey, look at me!’” We all laughed at the ridiculous image of one Lego bragging about itself.  “I really think I’m
sharper than the other pieces and try to draw attention to me, yet that’s not really the point of a Lego is it?”

He quoted 1 Peter 2:4-5 talking about how we are all blocks in the spiritual temple.  The temple is where the fire comes down (2 Chron 7:1-3; Acts 2:1-4) when we are unified; and when people see the fire come down, then they will believe (Phil 1:27-28).

Temple2Holding up a temple built out of Legos, he added his own piece somewhere near the back saying, “I wanna be a part of th
is, God!  Make me a janitor, just fit me in there somewhere!  What an honor to be stacked up on top of other saints.  All I wanna see is something real happen, and that’s going to take my humbling myself.”  Please pray this for all our hearts!

PS – You can listen to Francis Chan’s talk and other great messages here.

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