Cru Summer Missions Around the World

What does Cru do while students are out of school?  Mission Trips!  About 3,000 students participate in over 200 mission trips around the world that focus on deepening their faith through evangelism and discipleship.

On one such trip to Slovenia, our Summer Missions team of 36 students and 8 Cru staff broke new ground by spending time not only in the capital city of Ljubljana, but also in the cities of Maribor and Koper, which house the next-largest universities in Slovenia, respectively.

Picture1During the trip, 9 Slovene students put their faith in Jesus including a girl named Klara who had strong doubts about God’s goodness at first.  The Holy Spirit seemed to be giving her so much understanding, though, and our students got to watch as God transformed her perception of Him through reading His word. Once she was confident in God’s character she could hardly wait to know how to invite Him into her life!

Picture4On top of that, they spoke with 6,751 people and challenged 36 local Christian students to join Cru leadership on their campuses there, including David, a student in Maribor. Before his involvement with Vsak Študent (Cru), he wasn’t sure how to live out his faith in a meaningful way.  After hearing about God’s desire for all nations to know Him and our vision for Slovenia, he thought, “That could happen here?” Now, he is passionate to reach his campus for Jesus!

Picture5Only about 5% of Cru students get to go on a physical mission trip.  1,800 more took part in a digital program called Summer Connect.  Here’s what one participant, Nate, had to say: “Summer is usually a time for me to tend to take a break from evangelism but the faith steps and the outreach have pushed me to take steps of faith in this season and I am so grateful!” Praise the Lord with us!

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