Speaking the Language of Young People

Picture2     Just weeks ago, I met Pastor Mark from Longview, TX who is interested in launching Cru at Kilgore College.  He has already been running a comic book club there, seeing how speaking the heart language of youth opens amazing doors to minister to people who wouldn’t set foot in a church.

Picture1     Mark is spending his vacation here in Orlando with us, learning about the ministry of Cru.  He got to have dinner with Steve and Judy Douglass (he is the President of Cru and she is Global Director of Women’s Resources).  He got to tour the JESUS Film and learn of our Anime and cartoon projects.  He shared the gospel with Cru at Full Sail, giving out ur manga gospel comic and inviting students to our Ben Hur outreach.  I even got to show him Legacy, a comic I’ve written that has Bible studies tied to each adventure.

Collin and Hailey    Mark also brought along 2 students from UT Tyler who learned to share their faith and want to launch Cru at their school now. Pray for Mark, Collin & Hailie!

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