Life After the Pulse

Picture3“Keep me and my family in prayer.  I was a victim in pulse shooting.”

This text came in one morning from Luis, one of the over 90 Full Sail students who registered to go to our Captain America movie outreach a few weeks prior, which had sparked great conversations/friendships. I had no idea what doors the event was going to open in meeting deep needs of Orlando students.

Luis identified himself as an veteran and a film major who wanted to meet Christian students on campus.  When asked who would win in the movie, he said “I already won!” because of the opportunity to be part of the event.  A few weeks later, we were saddened to hear that he had been hurt…but really glad he reached out to us.

Pulse    Luis attended Latin Night at
The Pulse night club on June 12th when the devastating terrorist attack occurred.  He was trampled by others while trying to escape, suffering severe injuries to his leg, back and neck.

Pastor Red     Like Luis, this attack left a lot of Orlando students very lost and confused.  To meet this new need, pastors helped set up discussion tables on campus where we could pray for people, help them process and meet any needs that were surfaced.

We texted everyone who had attended a Cru event, and many have engaged!  When Luis responded with the text above, I got to chat and pray with him and he is excited to have us be his “family away from home.” Through him, we can bless many others affected by this tragedy.  As violence rears up all over the world, we will answer with the love of Jesus (Romans 12:21)!

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