What God’s Been Teaching Us

Have you ever struggled to read certain parts of the Bible?  Maybe you do okay with some books, but you feel bad skipping big sections of stuff that doesn’t make much sense or is boring.  I remember being very proud when I first completed an entire read-through of the Bible, but I get intimidated diving back into books like the prophets that I remember as a lot lot lot of yelling (though certainly justified).

However, we’ve recently found a series of short animated videos with voice-over that explain each book of the Bible with incredible clarity!  The visuals help us follow what’s happening and even visualize the structure of the book.  I’m so glad to have these and not miss on the artistic and beautiful nuances of these amazing books, and also come to understand how the people of the day would receive and relate to them.  Finally, it helps answer really tough questions, like this one here on Joshua which explains at one point why God would seem to call for the extermination of an entire people.

God is an infinitely deeper well than we can fathom; but since He asks us to dive in and try, I praise God for the people who make creative tools that can help us 🙂

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